Skull Tattoo Designs

simple skull tattoo pattern.During the time of extensive exploration, skull tattoo designs were the favorite designs of sailors.  There was no absolute meaning of skulls relative to the voyage at sea except that they were used to symbolize “No Fear” or something to intimidate travellers at sea by the pirates.  Today, however, skulls are usually linked to death and destruction.  It may be difficult for a lot of people to engrave skull tats on their bodies considering that they possess negative meanings like darkness and depression.Prirate tattoo pattern.

On the other hand, skull tats are also associated with positive meanings.  While they are known to signify death, they also symbolize the great feeling of having been in a mortal life.  Death is present to everyone, but that should not be thought as depressing.  A life that has not been enjoyed to the fullest is far more depressing.

These skull tattoo designs are good reminder for people who are having a lot of hardships and obstacles in life that they should not be bothered about them and instead, they should take them as a challenge.  Skull tats also imply that whatever Skull with bow tattoo has achieved in his entire life, they will all vanish away at the time of his death.  Given this perspective, it could be regarded as a combination of life and an imagery of afterlife.

It may also be strange to note that skulls are considered as a symbol of good luck.  There are gamblers who shift to weird and superstitious objects when they aim to alter their bad luck after losing a lot of money through the use of skull images and black cats.  This belief may be based on the thought that skulls do not only signify death, but also a great change, whether for good or for worse.

Based on the “Kabbalah” belief, skull tattoo designs symbolize rebirth and as such, it’s time to celebrate, and not the feeling of mourning, sorrow or sadness.  On the positive side, death may not really bring sadness, but rather a positive experience in remembering your love ones who have already died, and being with them again is an inspiring thought.  You may be aware that in Mexico, it’s time for celebration and festivity when All Souls Day commemoration of the dead comes.

Colorful and lovely skull tattoo design.During this day, the dead ones are honored, revered and respected.  This special event is represented by skulls coated in chocolate brown color which are seen in cemeteries and paraded on the streets during the festivity.  As far as the Christian belief is concerned, skull tats mean eternity and the Christian way of repenting for their sins which is necessary to have an eternal life, as what most Christians believe that either they will go to heaven or hell.

Skull tattoo designs portray that the physical composition of a human being is left on earth and return to dust, while the soul lives an eternal life.  There are Christians who refer to the skulls as something to remind them that life should take the way of the Bible, in accordance with God’s will with the aim of being brought to heaven instead of hell.

The images of skulls have been used also as a symbol of rebellion and victory.  When a group of warriors became victorious in a war, they usually gathered the skulls or heads of their enemies for everybody to see.  Skulls also served to remind those who want to avenge their comrades who were killed in the battle, that once they pursue with it, they will meet the same fate.  In the initial stage of the Anarchist rebellion, the rebels used skulls to signify their strong political beliefs.

Simple crossbone skull tattoo design.In the case of pirate’s skull tattoo designs embedded in their flag, you’ll see a skull having crossbones beneath it.  Referring to the Nazis and the Neo-Nazis, they had their symbol of skulls with crossbones at the back of the skull instead of having them beneath it.  Even bikers believe that the skull which is also known as “Totenkopf” is a protective symbol that protects them from danger or death.

Aside from the above meanings, there are others that refer to skull tats as exclusively for men, but with the acceptance of a unisex world, skull tattoo designs are now seen with both genders.  For women, tat artists incorporate a bow to the skull in purple or pink color to create a feminine look.  You will notice these tat designs in many couples who are deeply committed to each other, but they are made in different sex forms to indicate an eternal love beyond the grave.

Cute girly skull tattoo on leg.

Skull upper arm tattoo.When it comes to Christian belief, the skull tattoo designs are symbolic of vanity, eternity and repentance of the human spirit.  But in the case of a skull having a serpent penetrating the eye sockets, it is considered as a symbol of immortality and knowledge of humans.  During the time of the dark ages, the skull was used as a symbol of great changes instead of death, by the Celtic lords.

This gives a more favorable meaning of skulls in the olden days.  Today, the skull is considered as an emblem of power, strength and protection.  It can be used also to signify a time in your life when you have survived a big obstacle or a tragic moment depicting your strength and determination to emerge as victorious.

Romantic skull rose tattoo design.

Obviously, skull tattoo designs give different meanings based on how you regard the image of a skull, and depending on its historical background.  Just like other tattoos, Tiny skull tattoo design on ear.your choice of a tat design is considered very personal, and at the same time, it’s perceived meaning can be held private.  It is for this reason, that you should have a wide knowledge and understanding of the meanings associated with skulls before you embed them on your body.

Otherwise, it could disappoint you of their exact meanings when you have already inked them.  If this is the case, it would be expensive and very painful to undergo a deletion of your existing skull tattoo designs.