Meanings of Skull Tattoos

A scary and evil flaming skull tattoo pierced on man's arm.Skull tattoos have been around since the prehistoric times! But unlike in the modern world, the meaning used to differ a lot back in those days. It was considered rebellious.

As we all know that in the pack of Tarot cards, there is a card with a skull or a skeleton on it and is considered a Death card. However, the meaning behind it is quite an assertive one, rather than what we have always believed it to be a sign of danger. Thus, a skull card or skeleton card is a symbolism for change.

Out of many meanings of skull tattoos that the skull symbolizes, there’s a phrase in Latin called “memento mori” – which translates as “remember you must die”. It might seem, that the phrase is telling you about your impending doom, but it is however actually telling you that you should live life to its fullest, while you are blessed with the ability to live.

Recently, the trend in tattoo designs has been the increased usage of symbols like skulls, grim reaper and dungeons. There are many ways the meaning of skull tattoos can be interpreted. One of it symbolizes the end of life.

Man's upper arm was covered in a cool red eyes skull tattoo design.

The meaning of skull tattoos also denotes toughness and rigidity. As mentioned before, the interpretation of the meaning of skull tattoos has always been danger and wrath. However, the modernization and the influence of tattoos in the modern contemporary world, have changed that perception in many positive ways.

This transition of meaning and perception, led to the emergence of various modifications and alterations in the meaning of skull tattoo designs.

Man with sugar skull and roses tattoos is sitting on the black chair.

One of the most prominent emergences is of the girls skull tattoo designs. I called it the most prominent, because today in the world there has been a lot going on related to the equal rights of men and women. The world is going more towards ‘unisexualization’, thus by just making a few amendments in the masculine design, the meaning of skull tattoos got its feminine factor. Elements such as roses, flowers, bows and smiley faces, adds to that extra feminine touch The colors used for the tattoos also should represent what is accepted by women, such as pink, yellow and purple.

The first and second day of November, is celebrated in Mexico as the day of mourning for the loved ones who died in that year, children and elders respectively on each day. The Mexicans use the skull tattoo designs to denote, that the skull signifies immortality and the circle of the revival of life in the hereafter.

A cute skull with small and large bows tattoos design on girl's right hip.

The meaning of skull tattoo is often interpreted as scary and emphasizing wrath and danger. But a skull that is decorated with elements like flowers, smiley faces, and butterflies, can make it a bit more attractive and subtle. The meaning of skull tattoos also changes however with every element inserted. Other elements that can be used to highlight the different meaning of skull tattoos, are the grim reaper, dragon with wings, snakes and serpents, or flames.

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