Mexican Skull Tattoo Designs

Man just finished his Mexican skull tattoo on his arm at tattoo parlor.The Mexican skull tattoo has a unique significance in Mexico. It is inked on to celebrate the “Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)” – a festival that celebrates life after death. This celebration was originally of the Aztecs – an ancient civilization that lived in Mexico. It was celebrated in August but when the Spaniards converted the Mexicans to Christianity, it was and still now celebrated on 1st and 2nd November.

The festival commemorates deceased loved ones and is an acknowledgement to death. The Aztec belief is that death is not an end but a new beginning to a new life.

Mexicans prefer to have a tattoo on the Day of Dead. Most people get a temporary one rather than a permanent one. There is a variety of different skull tattoo designs that you can adorn your body with.

Man's upeer arm was covered in Mexican skull, daisy flower and cross tattoos.

For most people getting Mexican skull tattoo means that they are trying to live the memory of a deceased loved one. Following are the different designs of Mexican skull tattoo:

•    The Sugar Head Mexican Skull Tattoo

The design of this skull tattoo has a sugar head with the rest of the skull as bones. This tattoo commemorates the deaths of infants. The tattoo can be inked in a variety of different colors. It is very lively and not as scary as an original skull tattoo, and the combination and variety of different vivid colors like purple, pink, green etc. make it look very appealing and cool. The sugar head skull tattoo can be incorporated with other patterns and motifs to give it a more vivacious and animated look, like a heart or some flower.

Man shows his Mexican sugar skull tattoo on his chest at photo studio.

•    Warrior Mexican Skull Tattoo

This variety of skull tattoo appeals mostly males because of the motifs that are incorporated in it. Mostly swords and helmets made of tin are the motifs that are added to the skull to make it look like a warrior. Men wear these tattoos mainly to show off their strength, toughness and fearlessness. These tattoos symbolize a warrior who is normally immortal. Some people like to add in a pirate theme to the warrior skull tattoo, as pirates are taken as tough and rigid people who live by their own rules.

The Mexican warrior skull tattoo is embedded on man's right arm.

•    Other Variations

There are other variations to the Mexican skull tattoo. A bird like the vulture or the eagle can be added. Even trees can be added. A Gothic design touch can be given to the tattoo by adding in a variety of Gothic patterns. Some people would like to go toy with other weird ideas, like the flaming skull.

When the skull tattoo is done alone, you might want to just stick to the plain, old color black. Black gives the proper homage to the skull and its meaning. But when you have different motifs other than the single skull, you can opt for a variety of different colors and different colored combinations. No matter what Mexican skull tattoo design you are choosing the important thing is that you should be able to enjoy the result.

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