Skull Tattoos for Women

The funny crossbones skull tattoo with roses and banners design on woman's upper breast.Previously, skull tattoos seemed to be reserved only for males as they were considered as petrifying and dreadful but nowadays due to the increasing demand for skull tattoos skull tattoos for women are also available. This category of tattoos for females has a huge variety of designs available to choose from. The females have a great number of options to get the skull drawn in the tattoo. In other words, we could just say that there innumerable quantity of designs available in skull tattoos for women. The females themselves have an option of designing their tattoo or to find an appropriate tattoo for themselves.

Woman embedding 3 different designs of skull tattoo on her leg at the tattoo parlor.Every skull tattoo represents a meaning and the most common meaning attached to these tattoo is that of death and impermanence. However, it’s not necessary for these tattoos to have a negative connotation attached with it. There are many tattoos that have a positive meaning attached to them. Tattoos just represent the wearer’s expressions or feelings. Therefore, it could be said that skull or a cross bone tattoo doesn’t always belong to the category of frightening tattoos. Even skulls can depict differing meanings or may be w drawn for some purpose.

For instance, some women may wear skull to show that they are not petrified of dying and are courageous whereas some may wear to gain fortification against death. Similarly, a skull when tattooed in combination with wings, Rosses and crosses may represent a battle of soul, revivification and perpetuity.  Thus, it can be concluded that there’s no particular way of outlining what a skull actually represents. The meaning of every skull differs from user to user.

Most of the females associate the skull tattoos with a creature named Grim Reaper. This living being was sent down to the world by God with the duty of gathering the deceased personalities and also had to escort these souls into the life after death. It is for this reason; a lot of people cogitate Grim Reaper as being in charge of fetching death or evil into the human lives. On the contrary, some think this creature as a line differentiating good from evil.

A small crossbones skull with snake tattoos design pierced on woman's right arm.

Besides this, skull tattoos for females are also thought of as portraying that the female is adventurous and brave enough to face the dangers of this world. Mostly, this meaning of skull tattoos is applicable to females who get delighted playing risky sports or have perilous hobbies. Similarly, another meaning of skulls in association with females is that it reveals that the girl is a danger so it’s better to stay away rather than getting into a conflict with her. On the other hand, it’s also believed that skull tattoos show terror, in females, of the anonymous elements present. An extended version to this belief is the fear of events taking place in one’s life. That is the fear of ambiguity in our lives.

Woman's upper back was tattooed with a Grim Reaper.

It could be said that there’s no finite way of outlining what meanings these tattoos represent. Skull tattoos, irrespective of the fact that they are skull tattoos for women or for men, have always had an ambiguous meaning.

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